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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Top Websites for downloading High Quality Free Blogger Templates in 2014

You need quality template for your blog or website which can help you rank more on google.My today's post will be short and direct but before starting..Are you good at uploading template and editing it to your blog, if yes then you are good to go but if no then i need you not to make any attempt for now.These days, so many blogs and websites are providing blogger templates but still, you will face a lot of difficulty in finding a quality Blogger template for your new blog. For saving your time, I have made a collection of Top 8 websites which are providing high quality blogger templates and that too for free. Some of these websites doesn’t contain a large number of Blogger Templates but still there templates are awesome.

1. SoraTemplates

soratemplatesSoraTemplates has got first rank in my list because it contains a large number of High Quality Free Blogger Templates. While making this list, I have considered “Quality” of templates as the major factor so you might not see some famous sites in my list as well. If you are starting a new blog on blogger platform, you must visit this site for finding suitable template for your blog.

These days, Blogger users are showing more interest in WordPress like Blogger Templates. If your choice is also same, is probably the site, you are looking for. It has a plenty of high quality WordPress converted Free Blogger Templates. Due to this reason, This site has grabbed 3rd position in my list.

3. MasTemplates

Mastemplate is another website which is well know for providing high quality blogger templates. Around 5 or 6 months ago, it was my favourite as well but now, many demo and download links in this site doesn’t work at all.
Others are;

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