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Friday, 21 February 2014

Is HTML5 Good or Bad for SEO?

Am a blogger by profession and a blog designer which knows about HTML but little but still learning on HTML5. If you are a blogger and don't know those two's then am sure you are still not yet a pro in blogging.But it is also good for reading this post, because I will enlighten you more on what HTML is.There is a friend who told me that HTLM5 is good for SEO and others do the same but i don't totally agree with both, that's why i make this post.

What is HTML5?
HTML5 is a new version of HTML which is still in development stage. It is the fifth revision of the HTML standards. Actually, HTML5 is not very different from HTML4 and still follows the XML-presentation language. New PHP developers often compare. 

What makes HTML5 special
As i said earlier, HTML5 now brought new tags like -<canvas>,<audio>,<video>,<source>,<embed>,<article>,<figure>,<nav> etc to simplify the tasks but it makes the coding more complex as well.If you already good at HTML, then it should be easier for you because it's mostly like HTML4.
HTML4 Page Layout
Is HTML5 Good or Bad for SEO?
I have read many blogs which they pointed out that HTML is better for SEO which i disagree because HTML5 brings new features and functionality which helps in both case . Out of all, some affects the SEO while others doesn’t affect it so you can’t say that it has only positive or negative SEO effect. Below given HTML5 Tags and elements affects SEO so please have a look on them:

1. Page Segmentation feature or HTML5
All Search Engine companies are using smarter methods these days. They keep changing their sorting and indexing alogrithms on regular basis. However, they always use Page Segmentation for better indexing. If you are unaware of the term “Page Segmentation”, it is just another name of the process where a single page is divided into many segments or sections. For example- One HTML page can be broken down into a header,footer,article etc. Almost all search engines uses the same method i.e Page Segmentation.

2. Importance of New <article> tag of HTML5

HTML5 has introduced a new “<article>” tag which acts as a container for writing contents. It is considered one of the best tag for bloggers. SEO experts advise bloggers to enclose their main contents inside this so called “<article>” tag because Search Engines gives more priority to contents written inside “<article>” tag. It also reduces the need of using “<div>” elements.
HTML5 Page Layout
3.Importance of <section> tag of HTML5
One of the newly introduced tags of HTML5 is “<section>” tag. It is one of the most useful tag of HTML5 for SEO Experts because it allows you to add different sections to your Article. Using this tag, you can give more importance to a particular section of your Article. There is no limitation of its usage which means, you can use more than one “<section>” tags for an article. Google or any other search engine bots pays more attention to small sections rather than larger sections. For this reason, i always recommend users to use smaller sections.
4. <footer> tag of HTML5
<footer>” tag of HTML5 is quite similar to “<header>” tag and performs very similar functionality. However, it can’t be compared with “<header>” in terms of usefulness for Search Engine Bots because they give less importance to the contents, which are placed inside “<footer>” tag. It is useful because it informs search engine spiders about the footer contents of your website.
5. Importance of <nav> tag of HTML5
Before the introduction of HTML5, web designers were using <div> elements along with “ID” and “Class” attribute of CSS. However, after the introduction of HTML5, we can use “<nav>” element for specifying the Navigation Menu. You can use “<nav>” element for placing a collection of links.
6. Importance of <!DOCTYPE> element
<!DOCTYPE> is a new element which is necessary for telling browsers that, you will use HTML5 elements in your HTML file. It is a small piece of code which is necessary but doesn’t affect the SEO of your website.
These are the features of HTLM5 to some certain, so i don't think both really affects SEO and better still not yet in fully action but still coming up.
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Domain Prefixes and Suffixes to Help Create Blog Name

How to choose domain name
Choosing a domain name for your blog now is such a very hard things for new bloggers, my blog noblenaijablog was created due to some reasons related to my country Nigeria.on this post, i will be giving you the keywords prefixes and suffixes for choosing a domain name for your blog.I love this post because is an eye-opener to better your blogging journey as a newbie or even for professionals.

Here comes the list of Suffixes for creating A domain name for your blog
  • zone
  • sight
  • link
  • lab
  • bay
  • web
  • net
  • cave
  • base
  • heaven
  • portal
  • world
  • camp
  • network
  • county
I will stop here for suffixes though there are still many to choose from but i want this post to be lively and clear.Suffixes are words combined to a particular word to for a word.Now you got what a suffixes is, that means the listed words above should be added to the end part of a word

Here comes the list of Prefixes for creating A domain name for your blog

  • best
  • super
  • ultra
  • all
  • cyber
  • simply
  • free
  • 1st
  • the
  • my
  • i
  • me
  • we
  • you
  • techno
  • ever
  • rush
  • think
  • solo
  • radio
  • vip
  • meta
  • re
  • metro
  • urban
Here comes the prefixes.Am sure you know what a prefixes are? Pre means before while originated from fix means fixing or combining, in short, prefixes are words joined, fixed, combined to a word always at the front part of the word.
Let me give some examples of words fixed together,
  • media
  • direct
  • access
  • ez
  • easy
  • info
  • interactive
  • biz
  • buzz
  • bit
  • byte
  • up
Oh, thanks for making this post enjoyable for you, if you like this, kindly share to friends and stay Blessed
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9 Tips to write the best & SEO Friendly blog post


Blogging, according to my opinion is a classroom where you intend to share your opinion, advice, thoughts with people.I started blogging with the view of helping people in such a way that I will get accredited for.

My today's post all lies on the way to write the best SEO friendly blog post.In my previous post, i wrote on what is seo and how to help ranking? which will be better if you take your time reading it.Here are some tips and advises to write engaging, targeting and best blog post, by observing these points you can write better blog posts in the future.

Advice1: The use of Heading
You all know that the use of heading can make you catch half of the people surfing the internet about related niche.Yeah, you got it, the use of heading is to be taken care of and absolutely on a stand ground with good loving-catching title

Advice2: Length of the post
Appropriate length of the article should be of appropriate length neither too lengthy that bores the reader nor too short that contains incomplete information and ends abruptly.You might have read it somewhere else that good short post is better not to make your readers bored..Really to me is right but there are some post that need more explanation than putting them in short.

Advice3: Write Rich Content
Rich content does simply means, that write the content which is relevant to the story step by step, don't go away from the topic on any point, if you went away from the topic in the middle of the post then the reader might leave the post instantly.

Advice4: Check Grammatical Mistakes
It is not a joke, uses of short words can lead to low ranking and make your readers looks insane about your writing. Never use short forms or slang language while writing blogs because your blog is the shadow of your thoughts. Always try to recheck grammatical errors in your blog before publishing the post, this way you'll gain the first attention from both search engines and readers.

Advice5: Double Check Spelling Mistakes
Spelling try to spell check your blog before posting and avoid using slang language. In every post editor there is a spelling check tool, do use that tool when you finish writing the post.There was a time i was so hasten to make my first post at the start of joining the blogosphere in august last year, but during that time i found my writing skills reducing in a sense of my write up.

Advice6: Be Calm, Simple and Loving when writing a post
I love this aspect because this is the only way you can find true bloggers, a friend once told me that the only way to get readers is to make yourself gotten by what you writes. Be calm while writing a post, be loving in the write up and be simple with your words.

Advice7: Search and then Research
Before i wrote this post, i make a clear searching, and researching just to get tips for my readers.Now up to you, if you are not sure about what you are trying to post, then make a good searching.

Advice8: Use of related-relevant images
if you are good screenager, then you will most websites users using relevant images for their blog post.why are they using it? images passes alot of information than writing, in such a sense that thoughts is also faster than words you says.Make sure in each post you write try to put image(s) just to catch readers.

Advice9:Share your post with others
Now that you've done the whole work, in order to promote your post always share it to all social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and wherever else you participate.

I think you might have gotten some information in here on post, if you like it, kindly share to friends.Thanks for reading
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