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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

How to Upload a template on Blogger Blog

Hello friends, my today's post is how to upload a template with simple methods on a blogger blog.Actually, new bloggers are finding it stressful on how to go with these process but to candid enough try and use this post as a process and see if it surely works and easier for you.

 First Step
Download your favourite template, always come with Zip file so you need to unzip(XML) the template before making it uploaded to your marked blog.

Second Step
Am sure you now know where your template path leads to on your blogger blog, if not let me make it simple for you..Log in to your account will this image
Click on Your Blog Name
Click on a drop down menu near the third screen image above, then you will see this image
Click on Template
Click on template, you will be directed to another page where you either need to customize your already template or Editing the HTML.Anyway we are not dealing with that, just look above and you will this image again.
Click on Backup Restore button
Click on Backup/Restore
This only help you to have a copy of your content, images, or comment in case you come with any problem.You will directed to another page which looks like this;
Backup Restore Template

Oh you getting to the last stage. click on download full template as i explained before in order to get a copy of you content, images or comments.

Browse your template on your computer and click on the template you have already downloaded and extract to XML document.I think we are at the final stage, you will be re-directed to blogger again, in this case click on upload.

Now you can finally see your blog with gorgeous template.

Note:If you have not extract your template to XML document, then you wont be able to upload it because Blog is made of XML.

If you find any problem doing this, then let me know using the comment box below

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